Consulting and

Customer Service


TridentLAS business is focused on delivering the most efficient surface cleaning process available. Our belief in building a strong professional relationship with our clients is the cornerstone to the success of their projects and our reputation. As part of our company’s commitment to the environment we strive to present solutions that use the latest in “green” technology. We offer the solution by cleaning with LASer light. Collaborate with the experts to assists in overall success in all your projects. LAS is recognized as the leader in laser abatement of radioactive and hazardous material.
TridentLAS Consultants will:

  • Develop and implement time saving strategies that increase safety, optimize processes, and reduce outage duration.
  • Develop solutions for all your challenging applications.
  • Provide in-depth training to our customers.
  • Provide the knowledge and procedures to help create your own program.
  • Provide you with the latest in Laser technology and fume extraction equipment.
  • Determining the most efficient equipment needed to complete for your project on time.

TridentLAS utilizes the latest in laser technology to provide our customers with superior service. It doesn’t matter if you own, are purchasing, or need a laser we can help. TridentLAS can support you with highly skilled Project Managers, Laser Safety Officers and Laser operators.

TridentLAS provides 24/7/365 service with coverage throughout North America. We take pride in providing a quick response to customer needs. We will, in fact, provide international technical support on a 24-hour basis if necessary.
TridentLAS can help your team to:

  • Reduce outage downtime and help prevent lost production.
  • Reduce burial cost of radiological waste.
  • Reduce time performing lead paint and hazardous material removal work.
  • Reduce cost of hazardous waste disposal.
  • Reduce time performing NDE and Weld Surface preparation.
  • FME Zone paint removal and surface cleaning.
  • On-site Laser Abatement Demonstrations