FME Zones


Foreign Material Exclusion Program

All power generation stations should have a reliable FME program. The objective of the FME program is to prevent the introduction of foreign material into plant systems or components. All foreign material that is created shall be captured / contained. The approach of “Cleaning up Afterwards” is not acceptable.

Power generation stations are still using traditional methods of surface cleaning and de-coating. Wire brushing, grinding, scrapping, chemicals, and blasting making cleanup afterwards impossible. This labor intense practice is time consuming and extends critical outage duration. Days are spent vacuuming FME zones of paint chips, grinding particles, dirt, and debris that can damage equipment.

Laser cleaning technology adds a new way of performing work efficiently even in FME Zones. A dust and media-free coating removal process. Laser ablation leaves no residue, debris, and grinding particles. Laser light simply cleans all metal surfaces quickly by vaporizing the surface and the remaining dust particles are collected in a HEPA filtration system.

Laser abatement of surfaces is suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications. Like external and internal parts of pumps, valves, turbines, and generators.