High Pressure Jetting


High pressure jetting is a powerful cleaning solution designed to clear foreign material and debris from piping systems. Our system blasts high pressurized water through our specialized nozzles to the affected pipe, removing solids and residues.

High pressure jetting relies on water, pumps, and specially designed jet nozzles. The design of the nozzle is essential to the project at hand. It features small orifices working in centrifugal motion along with directional penetrating forward spraying capabilities. When water is pressurized by the pump, the hose and nozzle assembly propel through the pipe and flushes out debris and bio growth that has accumulated and or attached to the pipe. Foreign material will then be flushed out of the piping system.

High pressure jetting removes solids and residues with just water. It is environmentally friendly because no harsh chemicals are used. Additionally, while the pressure of the water is high, the total amount of water required for the process is not.

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