Lead Paint Removal



Power generation, government, and industrial facilities all used paint containing hazardous materials including lead. Asbestos, lead, and PCB’s were added into paint by manufactures to make them stronger and last longer. Most of these toxic materials were banned in the late 1970’s. It has been over 4 decades since paint containing lead has been commercially produced in the United States. Lead is a toxic metal found in all parts of our environment. Lead paint has been used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications.

Traditional methods of lead paint removal would be abrasive blasting, water blasting, and chemical cleaning. All these traditional methods are time-consuming and produce secondary waste.

Chemical cleaning can take up to 48 hours to clean metal structures, equipment, and piping. After the chemicals do their work, they still must be removed by scraping, brushing, and wiping off the hazardous coating and chemical waste.

Our solution is cleaning with laser light in conjunction with highly efficient fume extractors designed for Laser applications. Our units capture hazardous fumes and mitigate the spread of hazardous debris. Laser abatement of lead paint and other hazardous coatings is an extremely efficient process that must be performed with safety as the number one priority.