Nuclear Decommissioning


All power generation stations have a limited life span. With age power plants will become to expensive to operate and they will be permanently shut down. The most expensive stations to decommission are nuclear power plants.

Most parts of a nuclear power plant that are contaminated are very low levels. The surfaces can be cleaned by Laser light and released as clean. Equipment can now be salvaged for other uses and the metal can be recycled

Nuclear decommissioning is expensive due to the presence of radioactive material. The radioactive material must be decontaminated and disposed of at low-level waste burial facilities.

Current methods of decontamination include sandblasting, high-pressure water and chemicals. This produces significant amounts of secondary waste. These methods are so time consuming and expensive that most material is just shipped out for burial.
Laser abatement of radioactive material significantly reduce Fixed and loose surface contamination. We have performed decontamination of fixed contamination levels up to 298 mrem/hour on contact. Our success rate for removal of fixed contamination is >95% to 100% reduction. Loose contamination is very successful. Contamination levels ranged from 1,000 dpm/100cm2 to 400,000 dpm/100cm2. All loose surface contamination was eliminated 100% to <1,000 dpm/100cm2. Reducing the radiation hazard lowers occupational dose for your work force.

Laser abatement of radioactive material is an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean metal surfaces. When cost is reduced, profits are increased. This innovative process will be used to clean our planet for decades to come.