Radiological Decontamination of Metal Components

TridentLAS is recognized as the leader in performing radiological decontamination using the latest in Laser technology. Our focus is to deliver the most efficient surface cleaning process available.

Think of it as a dry-cleaning process to decontaminate radioactive material from your equipment. Without the use of water, chemicals, and blast media. When the laser light hits surface the radioactive material is dramatically reduced. A safe, economical, and environmentally friendly way to clean metal surfaces while reducing fixed and loose radiological surface contamination.
Fixed and loose radiological surface contamination levels.
We have performed decontamination of fixed contamination levels up to 298 mrem/hour on contact. Our success rate for removal of fixed contamination is >95% to 100% reduction.

Loose contamination is also very successful. Contamination levels ranged from 1,000 dpm/100cm2 to 400,000 dpm/100cm2. All loose surface contamination was eliminated 100% to <1,000 dpm/100cm2.
In the radiological world time is money.

The typical cleaning process are found to be time consuming and impracticable. People are still performing surface prep by hand delaying maintenance repairs and outages.

The beam of the Laser system we use is about 3 inches round and cleans the surface about 1 to 2 inches per second depending on surface condition. Cleaning with laser light is extremely fast. What took hours in the past we can complete in minutes.