Sponge Jet


Sponge Jet is a dry, low dust, recyclable abrasive blasting media. This technology has minimal waste unlike most blasting techniques. Sponge Jet provides a safe and reliable method of environmentally sensitive cleaning projects.

How it works:
You add sponge blast media into a hopper that uses air to pressurize the media. That is controlled by a centralized panel that adjust pressure and media feed. That goes to the gun unit that blasts the media to the surface. The sponge material flattens on impact and cleans the surface area. The sponge cells expand capturing dust and debris. The material falls to the ground to be collected. After media is collected it can be placed in a recycling unit that separates blast media, oversized debris and fine waste. The recycled sponge material can now be reused.

Reusable sponge media is available that contains different sizes of grit for many different applications. From delicate to aggressive coating removal. It’s a dry process that requires minimal containment and allows us to work in areas with public or commercial environments without interrupting. Still requiring clean up time in your work area after blasting is completed.